When I began Foursome Season 4, all I was told is that the season will be epic and that I’d need to build a treehouse. This magical treehouse had to be normal on the outside and massive on the inside. The smallest details in this set have become my favorite things about it – the worn wood dutch door, 80s inspired toys, hand made kids crafts, leaves, dust and spider webs. This space is rather special. See if you can spot the trap door and the James Bond style rotating bookshelf.

Treehouse Isometric


Working with AwesomenessTV for several years has required me to repurpose the rooms in their standing sets. One particularly bland room has been converted into some of my favorite sets. It started out as a 25’ x 25’ box with white walls, white linoleum floor and white drop ceiling tiles – a perfect blank canvas. With a little movie magic and a lot of elbow grease, that canvas has been turned into an escape room, a teenagers basement, an upscale locker room, several bedrooms, a high school health class, and even a treehouse.



Despite working in an empty soundstage, there were a couple of unique challenges that we faced when creating this set. The cyc was necessary to use, as the director wanted to drop in a city view outside of our windows. However, it confined the sets footprint and required us to deal with a flooring change in the middle of our set. Because of this, building a digital model that could be easily modified was essential. Once we had final approval, the set was drafted and constructed within a weeks time.


The set started as a location in Malibu. The bones were great; the built-in wood bar and wood plank ceilings were lovely. From there on out, my decorator and I did a lot of research. Once we had a strong design, we underwent the task of finding dressing on a small budget. Lucky for us, we went to about every flea market in Los Angeles for a month and found many tiki connoisseurs willing to part with their treasures.